A Golden Parachute in a Time of Uncertainty

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Right now is the time to evolve our thinking when it comes to personal finance. Yes, you should be frightened about the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic. You’re not paying attention if you’re not scared. As of this posting, over 246,000 people on Earth were killed by the coronavirus. Over 67,000 of those deaths occurred in the United States.

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Logical Fallacies of Many Stock Market Investors

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Last week I wrote about how amateur stock picks and even random stock picks have outperformed expert stock picks since January 2012. It is one of the reasons I don't trust the stock market. I realize this is not a popular opinion. Talk to any financial advisor or even your parents or grand parents, and they will tell you that

Would You Buy Your Investments Today?

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I've been reallocating my investments in my Roth IRA over the last few days working under one simple principle: Would I buy it today at the current price? It was easy to sell stuff that had gone up and I thought was currently overvalued. For example, I was up about 10% on Las Vegas Sands (LVS). I don't think the