What Does Sequestration Really Mean?

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If you have been watching the news then you know that the federal government is going to be required to cut $85 billion out of their budget unless congress passes a law to avoid or change it before March 1st. $85 billion is a heck of a lot of money. It's so big it's hard to understand what it really

Is Your 401k Safe From the Government?

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I recently took a loan from my 401k to buy my first house (which is closing next week and I'm super excited about) and one of the reasons I'm comfortable using 401k money now is because I have no idea what the government is going to do with retirement funds in the future. The other day I read an article

Social Security Taxes the Poor to Benefit Rich White People

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I hate Social Security. I hate that it takes 6.2% of every dollar I earn (temporarily 4.2%), and takes 6.2% of my income from my employer (who would probably be paying me that extra 6.2% if they weren't paying it to the government!). Imagine how much more I could save for my own retirement if I had a 12.4% raise.

A Tax Refund is an Interest Free Loan to Uncle Sam

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Some people love their tax returns. They feel like they are getting a bunch of free money from the government. Unfortunately it's not free money; it's your money! And if you're getting a big tax return, that means you've been missing out on your money for as much as 16 months. This is especially harmful for people who are living

We Don’t Need a Student Loan Program!

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I am very concerned about a student loan bubble that is growing more and more each semester. People are taking out huge loans to get college degrees that, in many cases, don't qualify them for high paying jobs that would enable them to pay back their loans. Some young people are making pretty terrible student loan decisions, and now some

“Free” Birth Control is not Free

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If you were paying very close attention to the news earlier this week, you might have heard some medical news. Oh no Kevin! Not another post about health care. Your last one didn't go too well... Well don't worry, because this isn't a health care post. It's an economics post that just happens to be about a health care product.