Will You Lose Your Health Insurance Under the New Law?

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In 2018, Medicare will have $25 billion less in funding. And in 2019 about 4 million people who currently have health coverage will become uninsured — that goes up to 17 million by 2027.

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Obamacare Makes Being Uninsured a Viable Insurance Plan

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Now that Obamacare is going into full effect in 2014, people need to make a decision: should I try to get health insurance (if the Obamacare website ever starts working) or should I just pay the fine for not having insurance? If you are young and healthy, it might make sense to just pay the fine. Let me clarify. I'm

If You Want Birth Control Then Buy it Yourself

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I've heard just about enough about this fight over the Obamacare mandate that all heath insurance must provide birth control without a co-pay. It's even spreading into the personal finance world with Sandy's article Stay Out of My Uterus. I need to address it because if I don't my head is going to explode! If you don't want to read

6 Quick Reasons High Deductible Health Insurance Rocks!

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If you have a job that offers benefits, it's probably around the time of year where you need to pick your benefits. Yesterday I talked about how I decided I didn't need long term disability insurance. Today I want to talk about how I do need Health Insurance, and why I love my High Deductible plan. Use "Health Insurance Made

“Free” Birth Control is not Free

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If you were paying very close attention to the news earlier this week, you might have heard some medical news. Oh no Kevin! Not another post about health care. Your last one didn't go too well... Well don't worry, because this isn't a health care post. It's an economics post that just happens to be about a health care product.

Health Insurance Made Easy

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If you aren't aware, I'm like Swordfish with an excel spreadsheet. You know, the dude who can hax0r any computer even when he has a gun to his head and only a minute and he's also very distracted (if you've seen the movie you know what I mean). If you've been following me for a while, you probably already know