How to Invest in Music Royalties

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I am a big comic fan and have been since I was a child. And that was long before being a comic book fan was considered cool. One means of investment that I have been considering is to invest in rare and valuable comic books. However, that is a very expensive way to get started in investing. I am more

A Crappy Economy is Great for Paying Down Debt

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If there's one thing a terrible economy is good for, it's paying down debt. Despite having a net worth of over $20,000, I still have tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Most people don't understand why I would choose to keep student loans when I have the ability to pay them off, but it's really simple. When

A Risky Investment Isn’t a Bad Investment

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I would like to know when taking a risk with your money became wrong. I understand taking a risk with your money can be dangerous. It can be stressful. It is, of course, risky. But when did it become wrong? A few weeks ago I was commenting on Consumerism Commentary and Flexo wrote an article about selling some company stock

Bowling Shoes = Great Investment

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Last night Tag and I had dinner and went bowling with my family. We had a huge group of about 20 people at the bowling alley, so we paid for 40 games of bowling (two each) and 19 pairs of bowling shoes. I know what you're thinking: But Kevin, why did you only get 19 pairs of bowling shoes if