I’m Libertarian Because Unprovoked Violence is Wrong

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When you are a politically active person in the United States who doesn't identify with the Republican or Democrat party, those in one of the two main parties have a very hard time understanding you. People have called me everything from idealistic or impractical to stupid or crazy. They don't understand why I wouldn't be willing to align myself with

To Make Money Honestly is the Highest of Virtues

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I was a General Business major during the first semester of my freshman year of college. At one point during that semester I thought to myself, "40 years from now, I don't want to look back on my life and say 'I made a bunch of money'. I want to say I helped people and made a difference." I changed

Do the Right Thing: Pay Your Mortgage

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There was a time when a man's word was as good as gold. Fast forward to today when a good amount of people, including one of my favorite personal finance bloggers, don't even feel compelled to pay someone back on a home loan worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We're talking about mortgages and how some people are walking away

Man Claims Home for $16, Neighbors Are Pissed

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It pays to know the law. No, I mean it really pays. A guy found a loophole in Texas law and claimed a $330,000 home by filling out a form and paying $16. I don't even think Warren Buffett can turn $16 into $330k. That's a 2,062,500% return on investment! The bank that owned the mortgage foreclosed on the owner,

Coupon Sharing is Stealing!

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I have been getting assaulted by readers over at Sweating the Big Stuff for my opinion on coupon sharing so I'm hoping I have a safe haven here with my beautiful Thousandaires. Let me set the stage: Daniel wrote a post "Using Personal Finance to Make Friends" where he tells a mystical tale of bestowing financial savings upon a damsel