I Paid Off $33,850 in Student Loans in 4 Years

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I graduated from college in May 2008 with degrees in Math and Electrical Engineering and $33,850 in student loans. I paid off the last dollar of those loans on June 15th, 2012. My road to paying off student loans was a long one with many twists and turns. I had considered finding a company that would refinance student loans. I

Adios to Yet Another Student Loan

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It's been exactly one month since I paid off a student loan for $3,363.15. If you've ever wondered what it feels like to pay off a $3,300 loan, I can tell you. It sucks. It's great that the loan is paid off, but gee golly gosh it hurts to pay that much money for a loan. I can't stand paying

How to Pay Off a Student Loan

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BREAKING NEWS!!!! I figured out the secret to paying off student loans! Are you ready? I can break it down into three easy steps: Save up enough money to pay off the loan Write a check for the pay-off amount of the loan Send that check to your student loan company Okay, so it's not really breaking news. It really

We Don’t Need a Student Loan Program!

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I am very concerned about a student loan bubble that is growing more and more each semester. People are taking out huge loans to get college degrees that, in many cases, don't qualify them for high paying jobs that would enable them to pay back their loans. Some young people are making pretty terrible student loan decisions, and now some

A Crappy Economy is Great for Paying Down Debt

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If there's one thing a terrible economy is good for, it's paying down debt. Despite having a net worth of over $20,000, I still have tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Most people don't understand why I would choose to keep student loans when I have the ability to pay them off, but it's really simple. When

Is a Student Loan Bubble Ready to Burst?

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I'm getting very, very worried about my 401k right now. In fact, I'm getting very worried about all of my investments. I'm afraid we may be heading into a bigger financial disaster than the housing crisis. I'm talking about the Student Loan bubble. Now I'm not an economist, and I'm also not a conspiracy theorist. I'm just a personal finance