How Can You Argue With Warren Buffett?

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On Sunday Warren Buffett, arguably the world's greatest investor and certainly one of the world's richest men, posted an opinion piece in the New York Times stating that we need to raise taxes on the Super-Rich. While I'm not a fan of higher taxes, how can you argue with Warren Buffett? The fact is, Buffett paid a lower percentage of

Make it 70 by 2050!

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So I couldn't get to a brand new post tonight, so it's time once again to reach back into the archives and pull forward a post from months ago that most people haven't seen yet. This one is particularly relevant right now because our government is in danger of reaching our debt limit and defaulting on our loans. We need

Anyone Receiving Government Assistance Should be Drug Tested

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The governor of Florida has signed a new law that will require anyone receiving welfare to pass a drug test before he or she can receive benefits. While I am completely forbidden from saying anything nice about the state of Florida until the Mavericks have disposed of the Heat and won the NBA Championship, I have to make an exception

Donate Clothes for a Tax Write Off

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Last week I got rid of some old movies and video games by trading them into Amazon in preparation for a move into a new apartment. The less crap I have to move, the easier it will be. This week I'm getting rid of some old clothes. We all know that you can sell your clothes at a garage sale,

Short Term Loss or Try for Long Term Gain?

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You may have noticed a theme among our weekly stock picks, and that is that we do a lot of dollar cost averaging. You might think, "You're just being lazy and don't feel like picking a new stock, so you're just redoing an old one." Well, I've definitely been accused of being lazy before, but that's not the case here.

Stop Buying Stupid Toys and Open a 529

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A few minutes ago I sat down with my five (almost six!) year-old niece. I explained to her that instead of getting her a toy or clothes for Christmas, I put money into an account that she can use for college. I'm referring to her 529 account. A 529 account is just tax deferred savings account for educational expenses. You