Feb 16 2012

Update on My Mom

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As I write this, my mother is recovering from her surgery.

This morning she was in surgery for about two hours. She did indeed have cancer. The doctor removed her uterus and ovaries, and sections of her colon that were also affected.

The good news is he was able to remove about 90% of the cancer. There is still about 10% left but it is only in her colon. The doctor checked other major organs, specifically her liver, and found the cancer had not moved anywhere else. The fact that it hasn’t spread is the best thing for getting rid of the rest of it.

She is recovering from the surgery right now and they will start her on chemotherapy soon to address the remaining cancer in her colon. If all goes well with the chemotherapy, she could be cancer free in a few months.

This is just the beginning of a long healing process, and who knows if there will be any complications along the way. Right now we are being as optimistic as possible and hoping for a quick recovery from the surgery. From there, we just have to help my mom get through the chemo and get her better.

Thank You and Keep Praying

Thank you so much for all the very kind comments, tweets, emails, facebook messages, and everything else I have received from all of you. This has been so much easier on me knowing that I have so much support, and I am convinced that having prayers coming in for my mom from all over the world truly helped make today’s surgery a success.

Please keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers, as she does has a long road to recovery. But I know with the fight my mom has in her and the help of hundreds of people around the world praying for her and thinking about her, she has a great chance of getting through this thing.

Once again, thank you so much. You guys are so awesome!

Feb 15 2012

Call Your Mom and Tell Her You Love Her

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One of my favorite things about blogging is that I consider pretty much anyone reading this my friend. A lot of my friends from real life read this blog. Also, I’ve made many friendships through this site, some of whom I’ve met personally and some I’ve only had conversations with on this site, on twitter, and elsewhere.

my momSo as my friends, I just want to share something with you, and then ask you for two BIG favors.

This last week has been pretty tough because I found out that my Mom has something, most likely cancer, growing on her ovaries. She saw the doctor yesterday and they are getting her into surgery tomorrow. They won’t know how bad it is or how much it has spread until they get in there, take out what they can, see what’s left and come up with a prognosis and a treatment plan.

I am taking the next two days off work and blogging to fly home and be with my Mom during her surgery and recovery. I have two favors to ask of you.

1. Pray for my Mom’s Health

If you are religious, I ask that you pray for my mom and her health. That the surgery goes well and that the cancer is in the early enough stages that it can be treated. My mom is a wonderful Catholic woman and she’s using her faith to get through this, and she can use all the prayers she can get.

If you’re not religious, any positive thoughts you can send her way are very much appreciated.

2. Call Your Mom and Tell Her You Love Her

If your mom is still around, I encourage you to call her and tell you how much you love her. And not just today. You never know what is going to happen in the future, and you’ll want to make sure your Mom knows just how much she is loved in case something like this happens all of a sudden.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

my mom at work

Feb 14 2012

Thousandaire.com is For Sale!!!!

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I got an email over the weekend that made me laugh pretty hard, but then it also made me think for a little bit. Here’s the email, with the subject “I\’ll Make You A Thousanidaire” (yes, he spelled Thousandaire wrong).

I have the ultimate question for you…. Will you sell me your domain name for one thousand dollars?

This could be a good deal. I did buy the domain for $300. That’s a 333% ROI right there.

If you know anything about me and how much time, effort, sweat, tears, and love I put into this site, then you know I’m more likely to hit the top spot in the Billboard Top 100 with You Gotta Get a Prenup than I am to sell Thousandaire.com for $1,000.

And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that I’m starting to monetize this site a little bit. I can make more than $1,000 in a couple months of just keeping this site up and selling a small amount of ads. In fact, if I wanted to completely sell out and start taking payday loan ads and destroy my site with ads all over the place, I could probably make closer to $2k every month, at least in the short term until all my readers started leaving because I ruined the site.

So I obviously I won’t sell my site for $1,000. But it got me thinking: how much would I sell my site for?

What is Thousandaire.com Worth?

They say everything has a price. I would never put a price on my principles, my family, or my God, so I don’t necessarily agree with the statement. But Thousandaire.com is not one of those three things. There’s definitely a price at which I would be willing to give up Thousandaire.com. But what is it?

First, it has to be enough to offset the amount of money I expect to earn with this site. I mentioned last month that my goal is to make $12,000 from non-day job activities this year, and most of that is going to come from this site (hopefully). But that’s just one year. And I expect the site to grow. So if it can make $12,000 this year, maybe it could make $24,000 the next year. Who knows what the future earning potential is here?

Then there’s also the fact that this isn’t just a personal finance website. My face and name is all over this thing. I do that because this is my hobby and something I really enjoy, and I’m proud of it. This site has a lot of intrinsic value to me. If I sold it, someone could make any changes they want. In fact, they might just remove everything I’ve built over the past 18 months altogether (which is what this guy sounds like he wanted, because he asked about the domain and not necessarily the site).

I’m willing to let all of that stuff go, but the price tag would have to be BIG.

So after a lot of thought, here’s what I came up with…

Thousandaire.com is For Sale: $75,000

for sale

photo credit: flickr.com/bsabarnowl

If someone walked up to me today and offered me $75,000 for Thousandaire.com, I’d take it. As long as I could start another personal finance website (which may or may not already be happening… shhhhh) and keep up with my hobby elsewhere, then I could walk away from Thousandaire.com for $75k.

All that person would be getting would be the domain name, the written content, and all the backlinks that have been built over time. They wouldn’t get my creativity. They wouldn’t get my music videos from my YouTube account. They wouldn’t get my twitter. I can use all those things to build another personal finance website and continue to connect with my readers.

So if you read the title and thought I was going away, I hate to disappoint you. I’ll be here until someone offers me $75k for this site (valid only good on 2/14/2012, as this site gets more valuable every day). And even if some crazy person did buy my site today, I’ll still be somewhere on the web talking about personal finance no matter what!

Reader Questions:

  1. If you have a website, how much would it take for you to sell it?
  2. If you were me, how much would you be willing to sell this site for?
  3. Should I value this site at $1,000 and add that amount to my net worth in the Race to $1 Million?
Feb 13 2012

Valentine’s Day is All About Presentation

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so if you are a man and you have a girlfriend or wife, you should probably plan something.

I know there are a lot of people who hate Valentine’s Day. “It’s just a stupid commercial holiday to get you to spend money.” I have a different take on it.

valentine's day

photo credit: flickr.com/danmoyle/

It’s an opportunity to do something special for the person you love. Sure, you have that opportunity every single day, but how often do we actually do something special for the person we love outside of holidays and anniversaries? I personally don’t do it enough, so I appreciate Valentine’s Day for reminding me to be a good boyfriend.

Now I just have to figure out what to do.

Presentation is Everything

Valentine’s Day, more than any holiday or occasion, is all about presentation. Think about it. Would your girl rather have a dozen roses in a vase and a bottle of bubble-bath, or would she rather come home to rose petals (maybe 3 or 4 roses worth) leading her to the bathroom where you’ve drawn a hot bubble bath? Even though she’s technically getting less stuff, I think most women would prefer the latter because of the presentation.

How about strawberries? Strawberries are just groceries, but on Valentine’s Day when you change up the presentation and cover them in chocolate, they are a wonderful gift. You can get bonus points if you use a double boiler to melt your own chocolate at home and make them yourself.

Let’s say you do the old “go out to dinner” routine on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now let’s pretend you go to Applebee’s or some other non-romantic restaurant. All you have to do is get all dressed up like you’re going to a fancy dinner, and it will change the entire dynamic of the evening. Two people in casual clothes at Applebee’s is dinner. Two people dressed up at Applebee’s is a date. Get it?

On Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. No matter how much you spend on a gift, show her that you’re thinking about her with how you present it and she’ll probably be happy. If she’s not, then my recommendation would be to find a different girl.

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Feb 9 2012

What Are The Most Annoying Co-Worker Habits?

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Here’s what I’ve realized about me and making music videos. If I don’t publicly commit to all of you wonderful readers that I’m going to do a video, it doesn’t get done. I’ve had one idea ALMOST done for about three weeks now, and I’m not making any progress.

So I’m making a commitment!

I will have my next song written and completely recorded (audio only) by the end of this weekend. That’s a guarantee. Here are a few reasons why I can make this happen:

  1. It’s already about 75% done, so I just have to finish a few more lines (although these have proven to be the hardest ones to write)
  2. Tag will be out of town all weekend at a bachelorette party, so I have a completely open weekend.
  3. I’m promising to get it done.

Once I have the song completely recorded, I will start work on the video. That might be done this weekend, or it might take a little longer. But I will have a brand new video uploaded on or before February 20th.


photo credit: flickr.com/dimi3

Now here’s where you come in. I need some help writing the last 25%, so I’m going to tell you the topic of the song: Annoying Office Workers

If you work in an office, you probably have some really annoying people sitting around you. Maybe they smell. Maybe they are loud. Maybe they are touchy-feeley. In my 3+ years of office work, I’ve encountered some ridiculous stuff (the most outrageous of which is in the song already).

To help me write the last few lines, I need a few more ideas about what makes a coworker terrible. If you have an idea, post it in the comments and I might put it in my song. The funniest, most outrageous things will get the most consideration.

Please leave your comments here, and I’m officially signing off until Monday. I need a full 3-day blogging weekend to put as much time into this this as possible!

Thanks guys. You’re the best! Now leave me some comments!

Feb 8 2012

My Guilty Pleasures

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One of my readers asked me to share a guilty pleasure with all of you today.

No big deal, right? I’ve shared plenty of my own guilty pleasures that some might consider pretty embarrassing already. I love Taylor Swift. I’m a sucker for frozen yogurt. I was obsessed with Glee Season 1, and am disappointed in season 2 and have lost a lot of interest in season 3. Those are just three examples of some of my guilty pleasures that probably aren’t going to win me the “manly man of the year” award.

While we’re on the subject of guilty pleasures, I wanted to make sure I just emptied the notebook and laid everything on the line. Here are the rest of my embarrassing guilty pleasures.


The nice thing about those guilty pleasures is that they stop at just being something I enjoy. None of them would be considered an obsession. And while I don’t know if I really have any obsessions, the closest thing I have to one might be Spider-Man.

Yep, I’m a 26 year-old guy and I love Spider-Man.

Back in college, I responded to an advertisement seeking people who would be willing to play Spider-Man to help a toy company launch their new line of action figures. I ended up standing around in Wal-Mart for 5 hours signing autographs and talking to kids as a superhero. They paid me $150 to do it too!

Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture of me and my best friend.

kevin is spiderman

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, there’s a new Spider-Man movie coming out this summer. They just released a trailer for it the other day and I’m pretty freaking excited. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that they didn’t cast me as Spider-Man. Look at that picture from Wal-Mart. I was made for that role!

Electronics on the Toilet

The older generation had newspapers and magazines. I have my tablet, kindle, laptop, and cell phone. If I’m sitting on the pot, there’s a 99% chance one of these things is in my hand.

I hate wasting time, and not to gross anyone out, but I can be in the bathroom for a while. And I can use that time to play a game, review my stock portfolio, catch up on the news, read a book, or anything else I want to do on one of my electronic devices. Heck, I might be writing this blog post from the toilet right now. I guess you’ll never really know.

The point is, I have my beautiful tablet and I love it. Hopefully the tablet will satisfy my electronics urge for a while so I don’t keep spending money on more stuff.

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Being somewhat obsessed with Spider-Man and refusing to go #2 without an electronic in hand are pretty embarrassing guilty pleasures. In fact, I’ve pretty much shared all of my embarrassing quirks with you guys over the years. Now it’s your turn. What’s your guilty pleasure? Feel free to provide a fake name and/or email in the comments if you’d like to remain anonymous.