What If I Don’t File My Taxes On Time?

Here's a question some of you might be wondering: "What if I don't file my taxes on time?" We are all busy people, and tax laws are very complicated. You might not have found the time to complete your taxes and you realize now that the deadline is in five days (April 17th, 2012). You're gonna need some options. Luckily

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Protecting Yourself is a Great Investment

A few days ago in Dallas a 14 year old boy who broke into a man's home was shot and killed. A few months ago a 24 year old man was shot and killed by an 18 year old mother protecting herself and her baby. These homeowners were prepared to protect themselves, their family, and their property. I hate that

Could You Go Without a Car?

About one year from today I will turn in my 2010 Toyota Camry and complete the terms on my lease. And then I will have a decision to make: should I buy a new car or try to live life in America without a vehicle? Buying a vehicle is expensive. I don't have the money to buy a car outright

How to Avoid The Underpayment Penalty

If you haven't done your taxes yet, you have exactly one week to get them done if you want to file on time. I already filed my taxes back in February and got my refund in March, so I'm going to be stress-free for the next week (at least as far as 2011 taxes are concerned). But I'm already looking

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Why I Don’t Drink

I apologize to everyone who submitted great article suggestions last night. There were some really great ones and I do hope to use some of them in the future. However, I don't have a lot of time to write this post because for some reason Wordpress hates me. I can't access the visual editor so I'm stuck with writing this

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Race to $1 Million – March 2012

Question: What happens when the stock market goes up, you receive 12 months worth of a 401k match and you get a tax refund all in the same month? Answer: That's what you get. Two guys combining for a net worth increase of over $25,000 in 31 days. I'm pretty freaking excited about breaking the $50k mark. In fact I

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Mortgage Calculators Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Have you even used an online mortgage calculator to see how much it would cost you per month to buy a house? If you have, you may have marveled at how cheap these calculators say it is to own your own home. The monthly payment looks so cheap because most of these calculators don't tell you the whole story about

What If You Bought Every Lottery Ticket?

You've probably heard about the huge Mega Millions jackpot. Right now it's sitting at about $500 million. If you want the immediate cash payout you can get $359 million. That's a nice chunk of change. I don't play the lottery because I have a degree in Mathematics. I understand how absurd the odds are and if I'm going to waste

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The First Step to $1 Million of Net Worth

I got a reader email that I had to share for two reasons. First, the question is about saving money and investing for retirement and it coincides very well with the Roth IRA Movement. Second, the reader is only 20 years old and is already looking at retirement savings!!!!!! This guy is a freaking BOSS!!!!!! We'll call him Military Mike,