Fortune Industries (FDVF)

This is what I imagine it felt like to be a Fortune shareholder. Fortune industries is a Human Resources company.  Basically small to medium sized companies outsource their human resources department to Fortune. Why talk about them? Fortune Industries is the cheapest company I know of on an earnings basis (excepting cases where the business is obviously in

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My Worst Investment – It Gets Worse

A few months ago I wrote this article: My worst investment-ever. The short version is that I invested in a company (Premier Exhibitions: PRXI) which owned the titanic artifacts, figuring that the artifacts were worth much more than the entire company.  I could go on, but it's really better that you just read the article! I Was Right So it

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Advant-e Corporation (OTCBB: ADVC)

Welcome to the wild world of Electronic Data Interchange! Advant-e corporation is a tiny company.  There was a time when it was a tiny public company but it is now private and non-reporting.  The main attraction for Advant-e tech is that it makes a lot of money compared to it's market cap. In 2015 it earned $2.6 million,

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You Can Beat the S&P 500 Index Return

It should also be noted that you can get crushed by the S&P 500 Index return as well.  It is basically an article of faith in the personal finance community that one ought to invest in index funds, perhaps particularly the S&P 500 index fund.  There are a couple advantages to doing so.  It's easy.  It's cheap.  You get the

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Sitestar Corporation (SYTE): Part II

Now to get up to speed on the latest developments. Here's the second part of the Sitestar story as promised.  For those of you who missed it, here is part 1. Since our story left off a great deal has happened. First off, a group of shareholders sent a demand letter to the company. The demand letter basically says

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Sitestar Corporation (OTCBB:SYTE)

Yes, the company I'm profiling here actually sells this... Outside of index funds in my 401k I do most of my investing in small microcaps. I'd like to profile one of them today. It's got a little bit of an interesting story to it, and might be one of the strangest stocks I've seen. So strap in. A

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Should I Buy Euros Now?

Does Brexit effect any of this advice? Every time I have a discussion with someone about an upcoming trip to Europe they ask whether it is better to buy their Euros in advance or to wait.  Fortunately this is a question with a very simple answer. I have no idea. Neither do you. Neither does your brother-in-law, or

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T-Mobile’s Stock Up Plan

T-Mobile has come up with a new plan to get you to switch your service.  They want to give you the company. Well, I suppose that might be a little strong, but it's the idea behind their new "Stock Up" plan.  Personally I use Google's Project Fi service, but this idea is strange enough that I couldn't let it pass

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Global Sale on Stocks – Brexit Edition

From: The WorldTo: The UKRe: Brexit!? Looks like the UK has voted to leave the European Union.  Financial markets are reacting horribly to the news, with Europe down 8%, UK down 9%.  So what's a Brexit? Why are financial markets reacting so bad? Is it time to panic?  Why don't we knock these questions down one at a time,

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Long Term Travel: What Not To Do

When done for more than a month travel can cost approximately nothing when compared to your current living situation.  It can also be horrendously expensive.  If you would like to blow all of your money travelling, here are some ideas. Eat Out: Every Meal When you're travelling its just too difficult to go to the grocery store and make some

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