Poor People Deserve Personal Liberty Too!

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How much is too much? If we're talking about St. Louis style pizza, then you can never have enough. But as much as I'd love to talk about that, I'm going to address a different topic. I read a post on Rambling Fever Money and it addresses one writer's view on the government's role in welfare and welfare recipients' rights.

The Durbin Amendment Stole Your Money

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Back when I used to write about fantasy football, I was always terrified of people reading my old posts. Basically, my job was to predict how well professional football players would perform in their NFL games. I was wrong. Frequently. If anyone ever decided he didn't like me, he could just read any one of my old posts and find

Ron Paul Needs to Be the Next U.S. President

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Ron Paul needs to be the next President of the United States of America. Wait... huh? What does this have to do with personal finance? Did you lose money as a result of the housing bubble bursting? Or maybe you lost your job, or your house lost tens of thousands of dollars in value. Would you be better off financially

Whatever Wednesday: Golddiggers and Stupid Committees

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Every now and then I need some inspiration for an article. I could write the 8,243,412nd article about "10 ways to reduce spending", but I know my readers don't want that. If they wanted bland, generic articles, they'd go to CNN or somewhere else equally lame. So instead of throwing my brain into overdrive and figuring out what my readers

Herman Cain Hates Frugal Savers

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Herman Cain hates savvy personal finance savers. I'm actually really surprised that I haven't seen anyone point out this fact earlier. I was going to write this article weeks ago, but then just assumed someone else would jump on it. Unfortunately that hasn't happened and I can't ignore it any longer. Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain wants to punish people

If You’re Going to Occupy Something, At Least Pick the Right Place

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This whole "Occupy Wall Street" movement is ridiculous. I'll let one of the protesters try to explain it to you in her own words from this lohud.com article: Among her biggest complaints are the millions of unemployed and uninsured and the trillion dollars in student-loan debt. "I'm a victim of all three," said Angelo, who hasn't found regular work since